Are you tired of always having people in your game that can't connect?

To get rid of this annoying behaviour of Need for Speed Most Wanted, you have
to configure your router to forward two ports to your computer. These ports are:

UDP 3658

Now, the idea is to get your router to send requests arriving at these ports to
the computer you are playing NFWMS on. This is very likely the one you are sitting at
right now! So you need to know the IP address your router gave your PC.

You can find this out by following this simple step-by-step guide:

  • Click Windows's "S tart" button.

  • Select "run" (or "Ausführen" if you're using a German windows like I do...)
    start-run.png, 21 kB

  • Type 'cmd' and press OK
    cmd.png, 7 kB

    A DOS window will appear in which you
  • Type 'ipconfig /all' (without the quotes) and press ENTER. You'll get a list like this:
    ipconfig.png, 48 kB

    You now know the IP addresses of all network interfaces. Cool, right? If you got
    more than one network device (like a network card and a wireless device) you
    should focus on the device you are using to play NFSMW. So you remember this
    and tell your router to send requests on UDP 3658 and
    TCP 13505 to it.

    I don't know about your router in detail, but basically what you have to look
    for is something like Native Address Translation (NAT) or Port Forwarding
    or Virtual Server or whatever these clever people at the marketing department
    called it this time.

    Here is how it looks like on a D-Link DI-524:
    routerconfig.png, 19 kB

    A stout-hearted router reboot after creating these rules should have you
    ready for playing without that boring connection problem!! Yeehaw, finally.
    Have fun and meet me online.